Monday, June 26, 2006

My comments

My copy of “History of a Southern Presbyterian Family” has been handed down from oldest son to oldest son for generations. I have done as little editing as possible in loading the book to this blog. I probably misspelled some words in transcribing it but I intentionally left original misspellings uncorrected. All italics are my great-great-great-uncle's, Dr. L. J. Wilson.

Robert Nicholas Joseph Wilson (Chapter 9) is my great-great-grandfather. He married Emma DeLoach and their son Robert DeLoach Wilson is my great-grandfather. Robert married Pinkie Forrest Mitchell and their son William Mitchell Wilson is my grandfather. William married Marguerite Irwin and their son James is my father.

I do not agree with the views of Dr. Wilson. All the Wilson men fought on the Confederate side of the Civil War and they owned slaves. Dr. Wilson is a devout Presbyterian; I am not a devout anything. But he was a product of his times and, as such, he provides an interesting perspective on life in the South during the 19th century.

Donald Alan Wilson