Monday, June 26, 2006


I have read Dr. L. J. Wilson's book with pleasure. I cheerfully speak in its behalf a word of commendation.

The book is simply a sketch of the Wilson family for something more than one hundred years, covering probably six generations. While it is unpretentious, being only 17 short chapters, the author has performed an invaluable service for the offsprings of his father's family, who are now numerous.

The motive for writing this volume is found in author's desire to leave in permanent form the main facts of his father's family for the benefit of the younger generations, now coming on.

The family came from French and English stock. Stephen Wilson, Dr. L. J. Wilson's great-grandfather, came to Virginia from England about 1730, and settled by James River, Dr. Nicholas Joseph Bourdon, Dr. Wilson's mother's father, came from France to America in time of the Revolutionary War, as surgeon in the French Navy. After the war, he settled in Dinwiddie county, Virginia, married, and practiced his profession. From this stock, the Wilson family sprang.

From generations back, the family have been industrious, intelligent and religious. In professions, they have been teachers and physicians; in church affiliations, they have been usually of the Presbyterian faith and order. It affords me great pleasure to state that, in all these respects, the author is true to his ancestral lineage.

May the noble deeds of these forefathers inspire the sons and daughters of rising generations to live lives full of good works; lives that will bring honor to their noble sires.

D. H. Colquette,
Pastor Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Alma, Arkansas


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