Sunday, June 25, 2006


I close this history of my father’s family, with a short sketch of the wife of my bosom; the partner of my joys and sorrows; the companion who has walked by my side for nearly forty-five years to comfort and encourage me. She is a remarkable woman, in many respects. She, naturally, has a strong retentive mind, which has been stored with knowledge, by a constant course of reading since childhood. She reads almost everything, literature, medicine, history, etc. I consider her my encyclopedia of general knowledge, and often consult her when in trouble, even about my sick patients. She is an excellent nurse, and has always shown willingness to go to the assistance of the afflicted.

She is, and always has been a general favorite in the family. And Aunt “Bet” is often for in times of trouble. And many of them have felt the touch of her magic hand, and her cheering, assuring voice in the sick chamber. That voice has comforted me and cheered me all along the journey of our married life, and will cheer me to the end. She is very fond of music, and her young days, was considered a fine musician, and possessed an exceptionally fine voice, suited to Sacred music, and was for years organist of the church choir.

She is very fond of the old songs of our childhood, and especially fond of the old Scotch ballads taught her by her grandmother, and as she works, she sings, and she is always at work with her needle or machine. She is singing now as she plies her machine in an adjoining room. Listen:

“John Anderson, my Jo John,
We clam the hill thegether,
An mony a canty time John;
We’ve hed wi ane anither,
But we mon totter doon John;
But han in han we’ll go
And sleep thegether at the foot,
John Anderson, my Jo!”

Yes, we are tottering down the hill of life, darling, and will soon reach the foot, and then we will rest!


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